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Weight & Balance Calculator for Mooney M20B N74714

  Weight (lbs)   x Arm   = Moment
 Empty Weight
 Front Seats - Left & Right  
 Rear Seats - Left & Right  
 Cargo   (120 lbs max)
 Fuel   (48 gal max) gal
 Oil   (8 qts max) qts
 Maneuvering Speed   (130 mph at 2,450 lbs) mph

The above weight and balance calculator was designed for a 1961 Mooney M20B - specifically N74714. The blue shaded area applies to a model M20B while the lighter blue/green area applies to a model M20C. This calculator will work for other model M20Bs and M20Cs however the aircraft weight and arm will need to be adjusted. Please do not use this calculator to calculate your weight and balance without rechecking all of the calculations.

I usually do 100% of my own programming however the idea for the above calculation came from the following two web pages with modifications made to suit my use.       
  • David Williams       
  • Robert A. Booty