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The Dumb Brother

Mr. Smith was napping one day when we was startled by his pregnant wife's scream, "Oww! I'm having labor pains!!" Mr. Smith rushed his wife to the hospital. In the waiting room Mr. Smith is joined by his brother. Now, Mr. Smith's brother is a little slow, if you know what I mean. Mr. Smith is called to witness the birth of his child. Seeing his wife in distress, along with the sights and sounds of birth, he faints cold on the floor. When Mr. Smith wakes up he is in a hospital bed with a doctor hovering over him. "Mr. Smith, you are in the recovery room. Don't worry your wife is fine... you are the father of healthy twins!" The doctor continues, "You have a boy and a girl! Although you and your wife were both unconscious, your brother was kind enough to name your children." Mr. Smith shouts "What! My brother's an idiot. I can't believe you let him do that! What did he name them?" The doctor replied. "Well, he named your daughter Denice." Mr. Smith said "Hey! That's not so bad! Maybe I underestimated my brother." The doctor continued solemnly, "He named your son Denephew!"