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1999 Racing Photos and Narrative

April 1999:
Unfortunatly, I missed the first race of the year. I was not able to get a front wheel in time to make the race. It feels good to know I'm not so obsesed with racing that I can't miss a race. However, I'm sure I will not miss the next race!

May 1999:
Friday practice went pretty well with times in the 1:16s. During the races on Sunday, I was able to turn one 1:15 lap time with consistent 1:16s and no crashes!
Turn nine

Turn nine

June 1999:
After the last race weekend I decided to rebuild the top end of the 900. This made a huge improvement in the bikes power. On the first lap of the first heat race I could tell that I was going to have my best finish yet! As I exited turn nine on that first lap I started to excelerate to start passing the group of bikes in front of me. And your guessed it - I crashed!

July 1999:
This was the FUSA weekend - my favorite weekend to race in prior years. However, due to finding a new love, who I maried later in the year, I ended up deciding to take the weekend off after the morning practice.

FUSA weekend!

August 1999:
Saturday practice was a lot of fun with times in the 1:16s and 1:15s. However as we were getting ready for the first warmup session Sunday, we noticed oil had leaked all over the front of the motor. We decided to play it safe and call it a day at 9:00am. Unfornatly, this would be the last time I would race for 1999.

Turn three

Turn three

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