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Tax Preparation and Services

We offer a full menu of licensed federal and state tax consultation, with oversight by the The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners.

  • Business income tax preparation We collect, prepare and process your business income taxes, using the latest tools and regulations. All personal, professional and financial information remains private and secure.
    • Sole Proprietorship tax preparation - Form 1040, Schedule C
    • C-Corporation tax preparation - Form 1120
    • S-Corporation tax preparation - Form 1120S
    • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) tax preparation
    • Partnership tax preparation - Form 1065
    • Non-Profit tax preparation - Form 990

  • Personal income tax preparation We consult with you regarding your individual circumstance and help you make tax decisions that are right for you. You will receive the latest state and federal tax information that affects your income tax return. You will pay no more than necessary and if applicable, will receive the maximum refund. All personal and financial information remains private and secure. This can all be done manually or electronically and accuracy is guaranteed.
    • Service available for each state, including Puerto Rico
    • We E-file at no additional cost.

  • Estate Tax Planning and Trusts Sound tax advice and preparation for estate and/or trust returns.
    • Estates and trusts tax preparation - Form 1041
    • Gift tax returns - Form 709
    • Estate (death) tax preparation - Form 706

  • Tax Problem Resolution includes preparation of back taxes, audit representation and Offers in Compromise for taxes owed. As CPAs and Enrolled Agents, we are licensed to represent you before the IRS in any tax matter.

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