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1961 Mooney M20B

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  • Al Mooney designed his planes to fly fast. The Money M20B flies about 50% faster than a similar aged Cessna on just 25% more horsepower. He also designed them to be strong. It is rumored that when Mooney tested the strength of the M20 wing, the test rig broke at 11g! The Mooney is also the only plane in its class with steel tube construction surrounding the occupants - a steel roll cage. Mooneys have a reputation of being fast and overbuilt. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation for being a bit cramped. The front seat occupants have excess leg room but the back seat occupants better be kids. The early M20s are often referred to as the Porsche of general aviation due there speed and cramped cabin room.
    1961 Mooney M20B Specifications:
    Top Speed 180mph
    Normal High Speed Cruise 165mph
    Fuel Burn 9 - 10gph
    Service Ceiling 18,000ft